A Woman

Photos sourced from Unsplash and created in Over via my iPhone

A woman is not determined by her age;
It’s her experience in life up till now.

Her lessons along the way helped form an air about her.
Her pain and shame have forged confidence within.
The hurt and humiliation inflected by others has weathered her soul, honing it down to a polished sheen.

Her Love and Affection are seasoned, succulent and ripe for appreciation.
Her tiny lines and creases are like delicate strokes from an artist called life; Molding her into the sweet perfection that she is today.

The whiff of her essence is not masked by parfumerie nor shrouded by aromatics, it’s like a fall breeze or an ocean's breath, full of life and vibrance, unique to her alone.

The crinkle in her smile shows courage; shows strength.
The courage to face the world around her head on, taking its misguided arrows and slings of judgement and beauty into herself, only to form her own view from within holding it paramount over all else.
The strength to take blows to her massive heart; her massive feminine spirit , all while staying true to what she is,

Beauty absolute
Beauty divine
Beauty essential
Beauty authentic
Beauty quantified

Her curves define her feminine ways, flowing along lines even the universe envies, making her a goddess deserved of love and affection.

Her contours caress her like a silken road leading to a golden explosion that only few will ignite, sharing the grander of her body’s quiver, the broken breath, the curling of her toes as we fall so willingly into bliss and satisfaction complete.

Her soft, warm embrace quells me with comfort and relaxes my soul. Allowing me to feel balanced and complete, providing the Yin to my Yang and a union that shakes the world around us.

We cannot exist without you: the feminine to my masculine.
We are incomplete without her presence; without her womb.

The Stars above flicker with delight at her pure existence and I humbly bow in awe and respect to her nature.

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