A Wooded Brook

The Maker of the Universe peered through time and space
His eyes fell on a wooded brook, its waters bubbling so
There he spied a knight and princess, his caress upon her face
The Maker smiled and looked away, but He was yet to know

That the knight would ask the Maker to grant a tender mercy
Within His power, surely, and easily bestowed

The knight approached the Maker in spirit voice alone
He showed respect and honor, as was the Maker’s due
Then he made his plea so clearly, his point so finely honed
That he touched the Maker’s heart and his expectations grew

For the knight spoke of the love that the princess and he shared
He talked about her laughter and her kisses and her touch
And then he shed some tears, and his vision was impaired
For he realized the princess meant so very much

The Maker thought a moment, His heart so full of grace
He spoke unto the knight, whose face now touched his knee
Rise and look upon Me, I want to see your face
I’ll grant your tender mercy and you will grant to Me

Your sword, your shield, your service, whenever I may call
I’ll ask when necessary, and often not at all
I bestow a special gift to protect you, lest you fall
You’ll bear this gift alone, and with it you’ll stand tall

Now go back to your princess, you’re joined forever more
The power I have given will be the stuff of lore
The way you made Me listen, the way you caught My ear
And the way I noticed how you hold that princess dear

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