I love you

I love you with all my heart

You are the center of my universe

The sole purpose of my being

Without you, there is no life anymore

Helpless, can’t shake off the thoughts of you

The way it feels when I touch you

How my hand moves over every inch of your body

That silkiness

How you keep me awake each night

And how every morning I can’t wait to touch you again

And the way you respond, no matter day or night

Words can’t do justice

To how much I adore you

I love you more than my wife, ironic

More than my kids, guilty

It is adultery, maybe

But I can’t end my relationship with you

My dear phone

This piece is written as satire and is meant to highlight a very serious issue. All readers are requested to reflect back on this and put their phones down to see the sunshine around them.

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