Alive with life

Tell me, are you alive today?

Alive with the joy of life,

With a beat in your heart,

With a song in your soul,

Along this lonely road of conflict and strife,

Are you still heading towards your goal?

Does your life give you

Everything you want out of it

Do you try hard enough though?

Do you really do your bit?

Sometimes we falter,

Sometimes we fall

Sometimes we just want to give up

When that is not really an option at all

The secret of life is maybe this

To find the silver lining

And even in the dark moonless night

To find the stars shining

To live everyday as it comes

To welcome everything it has brought

When we dont have what we need

We should face life with what we have got

Have faith in tomorrow

When today hasnt been so great

Do everything you possibly can

Mould your destiny, conquer your fate

Now, do you feel alive today?

Your choice will decide this for you

Pain, loneliness, despair might not go away

But your faith, hope, love will surely see you through!

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