All Hallows Reverie

Been by this corner time and then,
wondering if I’d catch you going by,
watched the cafes along the Avenida,
thinking odds must be I’ll see a familiar face,
just one time out of all the million passed me by.

But spring’s long gone and summer’s slipped away.
Leaves have turned and slowly tumble.
I hunch within my coat,
shuffle through the fallen leaves.
Pass the empty tables, and the stacks of chairs,
wind and leaves and passing voices,
a restless chorus, a crowd of whispers.

Through the gathering dusk I hurry,
pausing before the brightened windows,
life and laughter spill from within
making pools of light upon the pavement
from a rain that passed me by.
But still, even as the darkness falls and shadows deepen,
even so I tarry, sure, this time, I’ll hear your voice.
Streetlights flicker, making mirrors of the windows.
I catch glimpses of forgotten faces,
faces I’ve worn,
from roles and times left and gone.

You whispered then.
Just a breath of thought, no more,
no less, subtle and shifting as a cloud.
Somewhere, as far and distant as around another star,
you stood looking out as I looked in.
Among all the whirling constellations,
so memory does her dance with hope.