alleviated, dearly

ask any How for a lift to a Too

if a Rest gets tired

or a Why gets blue

flee with a No’s Now

curled in Shushes’ Say

forget But’s Because’s plow

after tomorrow frowns to yesterday

let a Tell be a ruse

or a cry’s joy be abuse

when the sink of you swims

in or out of lost whims

shine Ruin’s flash

through all of Slap’s dash

should all Would’s Could’ves melt to Just Mights

and stamp Puny o’er Later’s dead rights

Hope’s For checks into Worse

While is riven with Perverse

Night’s Short stays up late

the moon’s placated with Wait

For’s tackled to Gone

Morning’s nothing but Long

Coffee’s taken with Drear’s Dear

Toast’s burnt with Wrong’s Steer

And is scraped with Either’s Or

As What’s Make scrambles to War

madness hats the envious

heads letters by anonymous thugs

as we get less curious

counting time in rummaged hugs


let Damn be an Up

and to hell with Greed’s only Corrupt

up with Clink’s Glass

and down with Hate’s Pants

let’s shimmy past Mean

and get downright obscene

while Ruin’s last call

is nobody’s only At All

(…and we snorkel like underwater ghosts in the doomed privacy of made-up oceans)

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