and god said…

“Indigo Sun ©,” J.A.C.W. Photography

let there be light
and so there was dark
and let there be mothers
and so we were born

and let soda have bubbles
and so we burped and patted our chests
and let there be music
and so we gangsta-rapped

and let there be fear
and so we hated
and let bunnies have furry feet
and so we were lucky

and let there be multiple orgasms
and so there were hitachi magic wands
and let there be love
and so there was money

and let there be poetry
and then…

the angels sang and wept
and gnashed their teeth and
they did rend their garments
in anguish and bliss, suffering and ecstasy —

and god, terrified of the power, said
let poetry die, then.
and the poets,
we stood together and had a

staring contest with god.
god, always able to blink away
the human condition, could
hardly compete — for

poets cannot, do not, will not
close their eyes — 
we don’t turn away.
we don’t know how.

and so…
we had a 
staring contest with god —

and we won.

— j.a. carter-winward

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