and I said to my Lover

The sound of your breath is hand over fur
you whisper like flames
your fingers tap a crowd of footsteps
your feet shuffle like mice

You burp polite as a bubble
chuckle like a cartoon
argue like a judge

Your voice is a track spun by a jazz DJ
in a club
full of strangers

Your words sidle past my ear
tweaking and sliding in a little too far
you console like a nun
banter like rain

You sigh rare as solstice

You stutter like the trip
of a dancer mid step in a tango
your lips sound like satin

Your heart beats
somewhere backstage
drumming away in soundproof delirium

The sound of your tongue
licking phrases into shape
reminds me of my sugar addiction

Your vowels pose like Madonna
your consonants crowd in with cameras
you kiss like confetti
hug like an avalanche

You cough like a heckler
tease like a feather
promise like a sailor
sling sarcasm like a short order cook dishing Sunday lunch to the working class

You laugh like a warm shower
giggle like jellybeans in the bag
roar like a storm wave
and you growl like endless hunger

Your songs are sandpaper
your jokes a long walk home

Your smile sounds like an opening chord

You fart like a secret
You curse like jalapeno
lisp like a blue moon
cajole like butter
plead like mama
punish like papa

You hum like a hive
full of the honey of late spring
with notes deep as truffles

Your questions ring metallic
Your tears fall soft as cloud
as you cry in a vacuum somewhere far beyond
The sound of your seeking echoes like a howl

You slurp like a desert
You sip like a lizard
gulp like a last gasp

You play guitar like a jukebox
and croon like hot chocolate

Your yawns are a hammock
You stretch like sun on sand

Your hints are like the rustling of beetles under leaves
and you flatter like wine

Your words land like swallows under the boardwalk
Your pauses crackle
and I’m listening.

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