Winter dead, spring begun

Short days of dark replaced by sun.

New growth around, birds in song

The early morning light do throng.

When once I toiled, I had no chance

To watch the dappled blossom dance.

The bleating lambs fresh born, too deaf

I was to listen, pause and take a breath.

Now pensioned, still quite young

So easy just to let time run.

Pacing round or sitting stare

Achieving nothing, life quite bare.

So much gained in time gone by

To only after find it die.

Higher climbed, more room to fall

Another victim of life’s thrall.

A golden coin still each day I’m given

To live my life no longer driven.

Spend it wisely is all that’s asked

Living now and not times past.

Total freedom now I live

So much opportunity to give.

Our span’s so brief, let not it go

Without regard to others so.

Should we choose we can evolve

And in so doing problems solve.

Once content to live in slumber

We will wither, just a number.

Tail up flying way back when

But not life living then again.

Depth of knowledge we can find

Only so with open mind.

Let not our faces always turn

Within ourselves and so time burn.

Learning still and outward looking

In life’s resort a new room booking.

However long, however short

Let’s not early life abort.

Time too brief and life too rich

To throw it idly in the ditch.

No longer bound in childhood’s glee

In our youth we more could see.

In middle age, we must not potter

Last orders coming, time to alter.

Our final day, all coins spent

Let’s all reflect on how life went.

Too late, no more we’ll have to share

Anew let’s count and simply care.

© 2017 James Hanna-Magill

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