Another Night Spent Alone

In the emergency ward!

Image by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

Sitting and waiting in this room alone, 
Cold and silent, with whispering moans: 
Behind these curtains of tragedy, 
I sit alone with unknown misery.

Test after test are becoming my norm 
With nothing else left
Except these crippling tours, 
Of another night spent 
 — In the emergency ward.

Beeps and tones are all that I dream 
As I watch the monitors — green lights, serene. 
Up and down goes the green line, 
On the monitor, that’s wasting my life.

I’m in a dream I wish to ignore, 
I can’t wake up from this ungodly war 
As needles of hell cut my veins 
Bringing me only torture and pain!

No cure obtained for what I endure, 
Just piles of records with no known cures. 
I need the answers in that which I seek, 
So I can live my life and finally be free!

But as far as I know and am able to see 
Hope is striped with each passing scene 
As needles are pronged into my arms, 
These needles of hell dealt me wrong!

All I want is to be back in my life, 
Back on my feet, to run without strife! 
Back to the days, I used to adore 
As I’m tired of these curses my body endures!

Please, please I sincerely do plead 
No more emergency visits for me; 
Sitting alone and brought to my knees, 
Just find the cure, and let my soul be — Please!

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