We all stand here today

Half damned and half doomed

Slave to the hustle and the urgency

Of an ungraspable and impossible world,

This is the anthem,

An anthem for my youth

The voice of a new era

A new age of discontent

We will eat and drink

And say what we want to

We will work and struggle

For a taste of instant ecstasy,

We are where the wind blows

To the edges of the earth

Bridging, connecting, creating

In all the lonely corners

We will inherit the earth

And destroy what once was

And create it once again

A duty bestowed by the former

This is the anthem

An anthem of my youth

We will believe in everything

And we will believe in nothing

We live in the age

Of information diarrhea

Of a new discontentment

And end the age of reason

Our only emotion is outrage

Our reaction to the actions and inactions

Of the actors acting and playing

On the world’s stage

And in this day and age

We will warm our benches

Complaining, ranting, and shouting

Out into the cold, dark abyss

We will take to the streets

While they sneer and spit

We will keep our heads high

While we move the world forward

We are the bright, young, people

The beautiful and the damned

Singing our little anthems

In a slow march into oblivion

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