©Lyric Doe

I am on the other side.

Antithesis to
societal demands,
I rise from ashes
dust of dust
formed in an urn
of gold and clay.
I broke the boundaries
with heaven steps
and fiery depths
of soul
and unfathomable hope
in the immeasurable
I have given
to My Name,
My Mother’s Blessing,
for I am Words
sung on the wind
that carries across
oceans in the dead
of bespoke twilight.
“I am the dragon breathing fire.”
I will burn
but you will melt
as is the case
when the goddess speaks.
I refer not to the tangible
but the ancient spirituality
that haunts my non-belief
and keeps these atoms in tact.
But sometimes I break
those bonds apart
and rearrange into
cosmic symphonies 
in octaves
you have not evolved
to hear
and I know…
you will blame me
for being too hard
to understand,
for being different
and that…
that is okay
because I know
the sounds of the universe
in my bones
and the colors that paint my sky
like the Sistine
are worth more
than your understanding.
So I laugh.
And it is good.
And I am well
within myself.
And I am full.
To be Broken is to be Reborn.

Originally published at Lyric Doe.

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