As Fast As You Can


feet pounding pavement

chest expanding

lungs sucking in

oxygen that’s never enough

depleting anger

dopamine spike

each thump against the concrete

feeling like

i hate you

i miss you

i love you

come back

come back

come back

i need you

i need me

i need to know

who i could be

and where am i going

and feet pounding

feet always pounding

because escaping comes

at the cost of self

control overrated

as sweat drips

from pores, burning

heat escaping

fingers cold—always cold

trails in the park

winter wind blows

i duck my head under

a low-hanging branch

and screech to a pause,

pulling in oxygen

for grateful lungs

expanding as I hunch,

doubled over, straighten

to look at the rising sun

and relax, finally

putting one foot in front

pushing off

keep going

until muscles scream

because for once,

the only thought in my head

is the feel of concrete

as my foot arches off

and connects

and the wind against

burning cheeks

and the sweat dripping

down my back

and the air that I gasp

that’s never enough

but enough to feel


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