awaiting this miracle

wish there’s a map for the unruly mind,
showing clearly the chosen path,
no meandering into the open grass,
this miracle, will it ever come to pass,

wish there’s a hope breathing a last sigh,
a sliver of sunshine before twilight,
masked are the horses that gallop ahead,
quest for this miracle, is not dead,

wish the tides that turn many a fortune,
wash away the weary gathering rust,
longingly gazing at the awaiting storm,
this miracle seems agonzingly forlorn,

wish the fiery dawn would break soon,
for there are miles to go and more,
passions foremost for my journey,
for this royal miracle, not ordinary,

wish the joy never leaves my heart,
wish the laughs never fade away,
wish life had taken another path,
wish this miracle would be mine at last.

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