Bad Day (I love you)

Today was not your best day.

People were fragile.

People were thoughtless.

People were callous.

You were strong. Still.

On these not best days, occasionally we get lost in our heads.

It’s nothing specific; it’s actually quite unspecific.

It’s passively oppressive.

It’s impossible to describe (clearly).

But it’s very there.

It’s this heavy feeling, tethered to every circumstance.

So, lost in my head on those not best days:

I think of a good day.

(Okay, I try to. I’m not perfect and some days are just plain shitty, right? They are shitty days. Shitty.)

But, I think of a good day.

I have plenty to choose from, since you.

And I pick a moment with you from that day.

Something simple.

Glancing at you as you were glancing at me.

Starting my day when you walk through the doors in a hurry.

Convincing a smile to your lips with a clever, but not entirely clever, joke.

Feeling that microsecond of butterflies just before a kiss from you that, God, I would do anything to extend even just a little bit longer.

And, all of the sudden.

Just like that.

I’m thinking of you.

I’m okay with this not best day.

You are the reason I can believe tomorrow might be better.

You are the reason that tomorrow will absolutely be better.

So, lost in your head on your not so best days:

If I may be so bold.

Think of me.

I’m here.