Bapu is Dead!

Amongst the chanting of long live the queen and the slant and slurs for the half naked fakir,

India found its voice.

Brave and soft.

A voice of love and pain.

Through moments of doubt and struggle, it somehow prevailed.

Now between the mosque and the temple the voice is a whisper

the drum beats are getting louder and temples a temper!

Ishwar Allah Tere naam

Bhai Bhai hai Rahim aur Ram.

Between the mosque and the temple politics is taking shape,

the azaan is getting louder

And a New India we make.

In the deafening sound of a saffron success

A half naked man struggles to speak

Hindu Muslim ek hai Bhai

He is beaten to sleep.

Truth and non violence lived for seventy years

So did all of us

What makes saffron different from green

Why make all this fuss?


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