Be There

Be there for me, when the sun goes down,
the balloon which lifts my heavy frown
Paint the sky’s old days in your beautiful rays,
be the filter which saves me from what everyone says

Please soften their words with the shape of your voice,
remind me I’m free, that I still have a choice
Tell me the things you want me to hear,
leave out the lies, don’t feed the seeds of my fear

You told me you love me,
I have seen fear in your eyes
that the weight of depression
will prevent me from flight

So help me, and be there
be friend first, be safe,
break down my walls
and help me escape

You love all of me, even the shadows
I know this, you’ve seen them,
their darkness, where nothing grows,
yet like a fool, or a saint, such love you bestow

Just be there, each day, from Monday to Sunday,
ease me from dreams, hold my helpless, cold fright
Be there, and one day I might be there too,
might find in me strength to run towards you

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