Be Your Own Hero

Why do you keep on crying
That this world is unfair, you’re screaming
Slowly, with every minute
Wasting your breath, not living

Why do you keep on dreaming
Dreaming about making it big
But when it becomes heart breaking
You sink down and give it all up

Why do you want to be happy
When you always want something more
More than what you have right now
And tomorrow you’ll want more’n before

Why do you need to know anything
When you don’t know who you are, hear you tell 
‘I’m tired’, ‘I’ll forget’, ‘I don’t care’
Can’t you see, you’re not tough, just scared as hell

It can never be a painless struggle to see
For yourself that you can, that you got it all
This world ain’t gonna be your wings or your net
You need to learn to fly or you gotta break your own fall
And then get up, brush it off, start over and still stand tall

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