Beasts of every land

Down at the Manor farm

there was a two-legged boss.

Pigs, cows and a barn,

like everything you’ve ever come across.

Down at the animal farm

discontent broke one day:

“For the two-legged, all the harm;

For four legged beasts, all the hay!”

Down at the animal land,

the beasts sang the freedom song:

“Beasts of every nation will stand;

Clothes, beds and alcohol are wrong!”

Four overthrown two, at last

“All the food is for the beasts.

Join us comrades, forget the past!

We have a land, freedom only no feasts.

Ribbons are slavery in a gown.

Also sugar, we cannot make.”

The pigs said, “There will be no crown!

But milk and apples we will take.”

All animals are equally free.

“Speak your mind young ones!

Just be aware, when you disagree

the dogs will scare you to the bones.

Comrades, we’ll meet for resolutions,

Unless, of course, you want to step aside.

Fight for freedom, sharpen our ambitions!

Fear not, we’ll decide.”

Through a rough winter and starvation

the animals fiercely survived.

Just one thing was consolation:

Animal control still thrived.

Until it came, the dreaded time.

The freedom tune became hollow,

the rebellion had a new rhyme:

“Pigs command, the animals follow.”

Pigs and men triumphant rejoicing,

the deceit worked like a charm.

“This world is ours for the taking!”

Down at the Manor farm.