Black Freedom

Let’s talk Black

Yes, a new different conversation

Be courteous, grab a snack

Brainstorm with me, speak with passion

We’ve been through decades of indecency

We’ve heard all the lies of history

We’ve been told many horrid things

We’ve been lost, unable to comprehend

the popular beliefs, the unbearable slangs,

the skin, the color, the hatred, the discrimination,

the fight, the struggle, the oppression.

We’ve heard them all, witnessed them all

We took action, we’ve stopped the tears

We were strong, we’ve conquered our fears

Let’s not forget our involvement

Let us not be oblivious of our commitment

Yes, let’s talk Black

Let’s reflect on our past

Let’s start a new conversation

A dialogue of efficiency, of solidarity

A dialogue of love and respect

A dialogue of authentic freedom.

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