body n brain, w/ cush

Bubbles blurb and blep thru my tired lips, blue-tinged n chapped n numb and unattached,


I’ve driven my friends before me in the manner of a conqueror, heroism neither explicit nor redacted

now I just say words that come to mind and hope that the linearity will mean something

now I simply can’t afford to swipe left since I’ve hyped myself up to my reflection,

now I sit on a bench on park blvd and get high and stoke the fire beneath the kettle of curdled milk that is my soul

Rank and sour and oozing with goos aplenty, prone to spit and smoke and weep and blow

For hours I’ll watch myself, the thinker of thoughts who’s thoughtless ignorance easily alienates

The orbits of those I think I love(ed) have never been farther away, but I have a telescope

Glass again, playing with light before mine eyes, within mine eyes, behind mine eyes

A mirage, an illusion that appears consistent, a shared illusion with all the other I’s and They’s

I delude myself into believing that if I peer through the lenses and measure the distance

Count out the steps between us, then the light-years will be, just that, steps to take

Steps to talk about and think about and pray about and feel something about


I open mine eyes, and unwind my tongue, and clear my lungs, and say the words

These words will show the me and enlighten them and bridge the chasm


These words will end the conversation because they’ll fit into the groove

The funk the beat of life that rides along inside you, the riddim that meditates

At the back of your mind, minding its own business until you lose your concentration…

These words will wrap things up.

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