Books On My Shelf

Waiting, collecting dust
Slipping the slightest
Pages still untouched, unbroken
Wisdom to be taken, tomes to be devoured

Names yet not pronounced , emotions yet not envisaged, places yet not explored
Stories yet to unfold, twists just left to behold
Some pages planning to see you nap
Others plotting for your sleepless nights

Universe full of dark matter and space of white light
Cursed they may be that they long for your fingers to ruffle

Dog-eared is a dream, solitude hard bound
Jackets make a beeline all around
Your undivided attention they seek
Come partake in the food for thought, words we possess are not meek

Forgotten are the bits already read
Some have been serially attempted
Tried but then left for resolute days

Books on my shelf, some are strangers to me

Come, they say , let’s go see
Some sights you will come to cherish
Some you will unsee

Journey through us , break those shackles 
Take a stroll, tickle your grey cells

Books on my shelf, shout to me
Come with us and you may know me

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