Bright like a Diamond

Someone’s best friend — love story no end.

Hypnotic fire, cold and hard

but you don’t want to dwell, on its story of hell.

It will put you to shame the story that lingers,

long time after it’s left your fingers.

It’s a story of blood, of bodies, foul mud.

Just a piece of rock now shining so fine, now on your hand but with a blood line.

Not of queens or kings but more sinister things,

of shattered dreams, of burning homes hidden now under piles of bones.

Traded and smuggled for the price of a life

this rock of yours that you covet so much.

But look through its facets; see the man on his crutch

Is it really worth it to have it that much?

So now you know, your diamond so bright

created out of the darkness of night.

You can wear it with pride for all to see,

but don’t say you don’t know, that your diamond so bright

shining so pretty is tainted with blight,

born as it was in the darkness of night.

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