Brumal Daybreak


Another gelid dawn
of the dead year.

The crescent moon
shivers above
achromatic frost.

Four crows perch
like fluffy black
lumps of ice
on taut power lines.

Hungry sparrows peck
the severe ground.

The old poet,

awake alone,

fears the cold.

Chilled eyes notice
bare ruined trees
and windshields 
waiting to be scraped.

The earth has pulled
the covers up
around its neck,
wakes stiff and slow,
but stays in bed.

Frozen, bony fingers
probe the old house
like burglars seeking
points of entry.

Still, the chill roads
point toward the
inevitable return
of warmth;

spring sits,
silent as a cat waiting,
for a door to open,
bidding its time
to leap and
to counterattack.

Even on the most
algid morning
hope slumbers,
but never dies.

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