By the Eyes

A lonesome man once pondered yesterday
By the wayside of things never uttered

He fancied life a miserable hearsay 
By the token of things people muttered

Billboards flashed their beauty portrayals
Lush hair, smooth skin, and the eyes

Yet by their stare cold truth’s betrayal
He could see straight through all those lies

Idol faces aren’t too hard to find
Around parties and petty-such places

Some sexy shells hold a nasty surprise
Dirty souls mucked up pretty faces

Now this man was thought ugly by such people,
Unshaven, old clothes, yellow teeth

Yet upon the unseen, God’s only true steeple,
His soul shined like no other underneath

Bodies here are like flakes of dirt
Concealing the mirror of soul

But skin to ash and dust to Earth 
There’s only one worthwhile goal

Pass him by did all those faces
Smiling and admiring themselves

Fools they were about people and places
Casting emptiness upon emptier shelves