Century Old Seashells

There is this thing
This feeling of emptiness
And ample loneliness
That has settled in
And embedded itself
Into my soul
Like century old seashells
Lying along unexplored beaches
Buried deeply into the sand
Lying dormant
Silently oppressed
Waiting to be seen again
And admired
For its simplistic beauty
Even a seashell
Desires to be
And possibly picked up
Placed next to your ear
And listened to
Just a chance
to be taken home
Perhaps even given a name
That symbolizes
Its triumphant resilience
To simply just be
And the eternal memory
That is shaped 
Will forever be
A constant aide-mémoire
That speaks of hope
And the continuation of life
For the seashell
That once served
As a protective outer layer
For small sea animals
Are the only bits and pieces
Of its existence
And the possessions
Of any fashion
That seem insignificant
To most
Will one day
Be rediscovered
And given new life
New meaning
Just like
The century old seashell


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