Mother’s Day: Check All That Apply

tears_of_sadness.jpg from Bing

___Doused in seasoning salt
___Rolled in flour and milk
___Baptized in Crisco
___Sinking to the bottom of the fryer
then rising from the ocean of grease
___Swaddled in white bread and hot sauce

Level of Stress and Use of downtime:
___Clean and shift his wiggling bottom
from shit-laden diaper
to a baby-powdered Pamper
___Lean his full belly over a shoulder
looking for the burp before the quiet
Escape comes.
___Inhaling unfiltered death
Exhaling toxins for heaven
___Sipping a Tom Collins
___Repeat with grandchildren

Family History:
___ Grandmamma raises grandchild,
fending off the sight thief
to see him to school
___Mamma ignores them both
while hypertension slithers
around her heart
hissing the truth
___Daughter reaches deep
into a third bag of chips and
eats salty ridges of depression
___And the men?
Husbands and fathers?
Left before they were present
___No one talks
___History is hearsay and whispers

Reason for Your Visit:
___My mother died today.