Confessing Groovy Blues

Movie this -

Woodstock was a was.

The gigantic Baez scratching establishment;

the sacrifice,

how you love.

Canned at 20 was Judy the Star.

The hair, unspoken thing.

Little messages,

spangled heartthrob,

insinuate permissiveness,

symbolize plague.

The dream outraged,

the twenty sulked over rock madness.

Even over the Who it had power.

Joe Simple: the lover,

was hippie and more groovy.

Slouching grinding flogging dance.

Only concert clothing for the revolution.

Political new man

symbolizing mind-altering sha-na-na,

it also a movie.

Vietnam long see

yelping Woodstock,

madness universal,

and Joe all summer

star bumping his

spangled generation.

The reflected Airplane flying banner -


American scam.

John Woodstock

coming to feel the music.

That dance Crosby make rainbows,

sashay undefined summer.

But band America

thundered -

was not for

Young seeing drugs…


Jimi missing cringing

horse, imploring more,

reaching like




that gigantic drug


After marching of impossible,

touchy friends split.

- Movie that.

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