Congo Love

How do you do? Please tell me your problem.

I’m in love.

Is it because you are in love that you came to me?

Yes. This love is special.

I am not sure I understand you fully.

I’m talking about Congo love.

How long have you been talking about Congo love?

About 30 seconds.

Please go on.

Have you ever been in Congo love? I’m in love with Congo love.

Do you believe it is normal to be in love with Congo love?

Yes. Congo love is like a painting.

In what way?

Congo love allows reality and fantasy to run together, like watercolors.

What does that suggest to you?

Congo love is safe love.

Do you enjoy being in love?

Of course! Doesn’t everyone?

Really? Everyone?

Certainly! It’s human nature to love and want to be loved.

What is it you really want to know?

Do you love me?

You like to think I love you, don’t you? What makes you think I love you?

I thought I heard you say it just now.

Do you wish to believe I said I love you?

Yes. Damn it. Yes!

You seem to be quite positive.

I think you love me.

Perhaps in your fantasies we think each other. Do you wish to think me?

Yes, I wish to think you.

Please go on.

Help me.

What comes to mind when you ask that?

Help me.

What answer would please you most?

Help meeeeee!

What does that suggest to you?

Help me.

Do you feel strongly about discussing such things?

Help me?

That is interesting. Please continue.

Help me.

Tell me more about that.


We were discussing you — not me.

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