Consumer Vigilance

“This product contains less than 1% juice”

Watching slow the happy screen
All those flashing clauses

“Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, 
And in some cases, death…
Please consult your physician before taking…”

Billboards portraying beauty brands
At cost of a nameless girl’s ego
And her subsequent falter of thought
Driving its nail through life’s coffin
As kindred products coerce the innocent 
Stripping them of all self-worth

“Easy, breezy, beautiful…”


Topicals have skinned our perceptions
Drying out existential wounds
Bleeding commercial afterimages 
Satiating the gullet of society 
Grown odiously fat off eye-candy
Improving bodies at hearts’ expense
Decaying youth into shells 
As nativity is betrayed
And Eve devours

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