photo credit: BHD 2017

Cornfield Memoir


Everything sways in the heat. 
Spiders set up shop in the dead garden:
last years tomato plants propped up by uncut grass.
Crisp yellow lawn pokes my feet at the sides.

Daredevils challenge a split rail fence.
How far will you go?
Balance not overrated.
Haze throws up mirages in the corn field.

Heat lightening paints rooftops.
Stars fall silent as darkness 
proves there is a shade darker.
Thundering showers cut out the lights.

Fear bent into anxiety.
Memories like neatly fenced yards.
Children cross unmarked boundaries.
Every lost instance to glance back.

What happened to our desire 
to huddle together through the storm?
As soon as it came it ended.
Or so my mind sought to soothe my gut.

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