Close your eyes,
Don’t look at anything.
Not comfortable?
Why is that?

These days
My eyes are restless.
Hovering, landing,
Taking off again.

These nights
My ears swallow silence.
Mind rebelling
At the peace.

Even now,
As I wrestle these words,
Screens out,
Music up.

Blocking out
The rest of the world.
Or so
I think.

Our lives
Must be before our eyes,
In our ears,
Just stimuli.

I crave
Those sounds and shapes.
Digital landscapes
So fine.

Blurred and distorted,
My world snaps
Back into focus.

I sigh
Sometimes at simple things.
But I need
A lesson.

In seeing
Beyond the glass walls
Where the air
Moves light.

Wrong, right.
Not just two sides
Of a coin.
Fading together.

I’ll save myself
By daring more and more.
Don’t go back.
I’ll save myself.

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