Mother told me

To light some candles

And pray to the saints

But not for the sinners

And they all told me

What a good boy I was

And my mother, in repetition

‘Hallelujah, hallelujah’

Grandmother taught me

To be afraid of demons

The devils in the earth

And all the evil within

They taught me how to pray

To memorize the Hail Mary

To pray the Rosary

And to be afraid of hell

Father sat me down

And gave me a lecture

Honor, Duty, Discipline

And always keep your chin up

They all smiled at me

And gave me a pat on the back

They said I was a good kid

That I was headed somewhere good

The teachers came

Day in, day out

And taught me about

God, Faith, Devotion

They all agreed, in unison

I was becoming a good, young man

With all the bright, beautiful people

But my education was not complete

The world came and taught me

That the saints won’t save you

That the demons are inside of you

That good conduct gets you nowhere

I no longer found

The good boy I once was

And into damnation I went

Into the cold oblivion

Mother will light candles

And grandmother will pray

Father will keep on lecturing

And the teachers have none to say

Torn between vice and virtue

Living a double life

I went hard into oblivion

And my damnation, complete

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