“ANA20130510145330” Don Winiecki/ANA


Data begets data.
Data tastes better with tea and honey.
Sometimes data is just data.

Datum is the loneliest number.
Not all data are interested in statistics.
Data keeps a Matryoshka on its dresser.

Data is odourless, colourless and tasteless.
Data won’t talk to strangers.
Data never looks you directly in the eye.

Data keeps beehives in the back.
Data used to live in Armonk, NY.
For a hobby, data refinishes furniture.

Data never reads the directions.
Data can’t stand to look at its investments.
Data reads trashy fiction.

Data doesn’t believe everything it reads online.
Data was on the gymnastics team in college.
Data grows its own roses.

Data remembers when it wasn’t such a big thing.
Data still listens to vinyl.
Data wears a belt and suspenders.

Data will never admit it is wrong.
Data always asks for a pat-down at the airport.
Data never learned how to swim.

Data only crosses with the light.
Data makes its own Kimchee.
Data only shops on Tuesday afternoons.

Data is ticklish.
Data has a big DVD collection.
Data bikes to work.

Data does its taxes with an abacus.
Data plans to xeriscape its yard.
Data sleeps with the lights on.

Data doesn’t use a smartphone.
Data is taking a spinning class at the Y.
Data likes to sit on the veranda next to the potted fern.