Dear God

Letters exchanged with God

Dear God

Thought I’d write you a letter to say I’m not better.

Wanted you to know sometimes my brain works slow.

Doing my best by all and mostly failing the test.

Sort of wondering if you gather how to make it matter.

Get lost in words that don’t say two thirds.

Try to stay clean but say things I don’t mean.

Sorry about it all. Just sort of my bad call.

Any advice? Your shout. Help me know what I’m all about.

Dear James

I gave you breath. I gave you life. Not yet your time for death.

Keep going son. You’re not so bad. I don’t judge by what you’ve done.

I watch what you do. I watch what you say. I listen when you pray.

I know your fate. I never meant you to self-hate.

Do me a favour, will you please? Just go help and ease

The lives of those who need you wise. Ignore yourself to win the prize.

Don’t slack. You have a job to do before I take you back.

Lose or win, I’m still your friend, even should you ever bend.

Dear God

Thanks a lot.

Dear James

Just go give what you’ve got.

© 2017 James Hanna-Magill

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