Dear Heart, Stop Playing With My Mind…

Dear Heart, 
What do you desire 
Tell me what you want
For too long I have wandered to find
Too long have I roamed to make out

Dear Heart, 
Signal me no more
For I no more fathom signals 
Tell me in ways that are simple 
Tell me in ways I understand

Dear Heart, 
Stop hitting wrong people 
Stop finding quick fixes 
Sex is no answer to your worries
Stop and let me fall asleep in the arms

Dear Heart, 
I know you know what I want 
I know that I know what I wish 
Bless me with confidence to consider it 
Help me to hold on to people I love

Dear Heart,
Stop playing with my mind
Let me fall into those arms
Let me for once moan thy name
Let me pull out the mask and be me…

Dedicated to all those left hanging in a lurch. May we find our shores soon💔

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