Hard to believe a decennium has passed since the introduction
You landed in my lap
Like childish love letters passed along in 4th grade
I wondered what your name was
And what you looked like
Until the phone rang and we talked eternal 
Your voice was an unfamiliar tune
A new kind of music to my ears
We bonded

Falling in love with you 
Was like learning to ride a bike for the first time 
With no training wheels 
There was magic in your tone
Your voice played a jazz tune I slept to
Now the seeds have been planted
In time with a little sunshine and rain
Maybe, just maybe
We’ll grow

The formation of a beautiful bond begins to take shape
So many obstacles to overcome
You wanted to be my best friend
I already had one
And I drank him frequently
Damaged goods I was
But you were just the right person 
To pull me up by my bootstraps
I see you

Hard times now surfacing
Like thunderous claps of lightning 
The waves keep crashing down 
Each time removing the footprints
Of time spent walking through uncharted sand
Tightly holding onto your hand
Losing sight
Need to regain focus
We’re failing

Stepped away to clear the air
Too much water under the bridge
It’s hard to float
Hard to cope
Things unraveling now
Maybe we deserve this
Time to pay for our shortcomings
Just don’t have the ends to reimburse
We’re tired

I can see the sun shine again
Just over the horizon
Gleaming like infinite candles
Pressed against my soul
She’s back again
Like lovers we dance the night away
Comparable to a Broadway play
Oh how I’ve missed her
It’s magnetic 

Sharing unorthodox moments in any space 
Create lasting memories
That could fill an ocean ad infinitum
And provide a ray of hope
To a land that occupies hopeless void
Pulchritudinous new commencements are upon us
They stand out
Like a figurehead on the prow of a mighty ship
We’ve merged

Somehow the dialogue that was exchanged
Between Kings and Queens
Was not so customary
Now the tides have turned, have we not learned
A muddled past is an old, dusty book
That no one likes to read
Take a long look back at the five
It held the revelation to it all
We’re dying

More of the same fives and eights
Have ignited pestilence on a grand scale
Ransacking the city in search of anything that is virtuous
Tear down the pillars of this massive structure
And salvage them no more
Confusion is heightened
Ponder upon the similarities between
Love and war
It’s over

Three hundred and sixty-five days have passed
Since the interlock was broken
Stumbling around trying to find anything that resembled good
Trying to stay numb from the pain
But when there’s a connection
And you take a moment for reflection
Not many people can say that
Over three thousand six-hundred and fifty days
They shared the same sun rays

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