Dictionary Rides

2,781 words
Many more to go
I highlight all these texts
These texts I never used to know…

Your English,” is what they say
Why they put me out of job that day
It’s easy to look down on me
When I can’t speak this common tongue

Nothing I know is worth any value when
I can’t speak this 

They say that this is a noun
They say that that is a verb
But will knowing the rules of the language help describe 
the feeling when Life’s mounted the curb?

… when Life (n.) has mounted (v.) the curb (n.)?

There. I think I figured it out
But does it mean I score?
I doubt myself a million times
For I know your privilege matters more.

Well I’m down 2,782 words
Still many more to go
Here I continue highlighting texts
All that I yearn to know.

Inspired by a person studying the dictionary on the train.

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