morpheus awakens as iris draws near


The sleep, she lives so far away,

A voiceless litany of pains I pray.

Brutal beasts hardly kept at bay.

Hallways filled with long closed doors,

Shadows rearing

cross the floor,

Faces who can see no more,

Starving souls on distant shores,

Flightless birds who longed to soar.

Embryonic astral stream,

Gasping fish mouths

choked on steam,

Blackened teeth clenched

Spewing scream.

Sun-baked skulls on desert dunes,

Dear sun who rises none too soon,

End these visions

Banish moons.

When terror’s face as white as dead,

Bodies drenched in pools they bled,

Send the reptile brain to bed.

When ghosts arise each breath exhale,

Wreathed in fog and features pale,

Ropes pulled taut on nightmare sails .

When living is a wretched state,

The sleeping is a sorry fate,

When seeing life has come too late,

Life’s foul fears can hardly wait.

In suffering, seeing empty eyes,

In broken spirits subsidize,

But tonight in hope

May dreams arise,

Ascend animate dark defies

Tomorrow bring promise and spirit fly

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