Drive, desire and direction, where have you gone ?

Drive, desire and direction, where have you gone ?

Maybe you were never there to begin with…
Maybe I’ve always mistaken you in place of something else?

Trapped and Lost have become vagabond friends who come and go like the wind, yet consistent in their return to the space I hold.
An itching frustration lingers, never quite quelled by my constant scratching.
I have yet to find the cause, the source of this itch.

Like a hypochondriac, the reasons seem endless and everywhere I turn.
Lost in a sea of possibilities, how do you find the shore in which to anchor your soul ?
A sense of stagnation surrounds me like rising flood waters, drowning my hope and igniting my fears as waters come from every angle and every turn.

Who am I ?

What purpose do I serve in this place called Life ?
A living, breathing, walking, talking contradiction.
Conflicting thoughts and feelings consume my space.
Cravings for a voice to the world coupled with a compulsion to hide from it.

Eager to help and love all, yet afraid to reach out and express myself.

Frightened to take risk and make more mistakes; to venture into the unknown of spontaneity, no plan, no motive, just me being me.
Connecting with souls along an unknown path, making decisions on choices manifested from nothing.

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