Drunk as Drunk

(honoring Neruda)

Drunk as drunk on your nightcap

smothered in your open kisses

snaked around your drafted body

between your bow and the stern.

Our boat comes from bourbon’s barrels

wafts of corn fields in Iowa

distilled on the rim of your love —

as we sail across oceans of intimate moments.

You and I are pinned between

the sheets of distilleries —

drifting through aisles of mills

of charred oak casks casting red rainbows

on our favorite libation —

like the way your lips look

after long midnight kisses —

sweet and swollen beneath sticky eyelids

and sounds of midnight desire.

We arrive to our land of dreams

pulling buckets from the wells of our hearts

as we lay down beside one another

and a third nightcap drops me into your arms


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