Duality (161)

We cry out hate

with the same passion

we feel love.

Yes, darling…

for the same person!

and that’s quite okay,

‘cause we’re not perfect,

we’re not meant to be so,

we’re not at all machines,

we’re humans with brains.

I can stare at you with dulcet eyes,

and then crush you with my violent voice.

Yeah, I have one of those too,

just in case.

I can make you feel

the oceans, the underwater worlds,

how they try to fit inside of you.

But, also, I can love you till the end of time!

and that’s what I really wanna do.

no more lies, no more dramas,

no more duality.

I want the really you to meet

the really real me.

open the door and watch,

learn and see.

Writing a poem a day for 1 year. This is lucky number 161. Thanks for reading.

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