If I believed—
like the stars; always shining, bright in the night
like the moon; in constant tow, floating alongside our home—
in your grace
your majesty
your kindness
would you let me bask in your light
rinsing away the dust left floating
in the shadow of your absence?

If you showed yourself
not just to me but to all of us
who don’t (or refuse to (
or sometimes)) 
would you let us bathe in your light
like you would the murderers and thieves
who whisper their apologies under 
the whimpering moonlight?

If the waves
the flow and the ebb
the crashing and the foaming
bubbling up the sandy beaches
then disappearing into the sand
If you let them change and move and 
exist as they are
Would you let us, with our arms stretched outwards
pointing to the ends of the world,
without weighing us down,


If I believed
that you could make me
better than I’ve made myself,
would you let me be 
than you have
made me to be?

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