Embrace the Day

Today’s Focail do a Chara

Photo Credit Christine Salkin Davis

Embrace the Day

Embrace the sadness,
welcome its icy grasp on your heart.
Stay calm; wait for it to come.
Remember the God of miracles is here.
The rock speaks of resilience, fortitude, strength, and patience.

Embrace the paradox,
welcome its bounty into your life.
You can’t grab onto the new with hands grasping the old.
Remember the God of surprise is here.
The water speaks of flow, acceptance, strength, and flexibility.

Embrace the change,
welcome whatever the winds blow to you.
Walk forward; it is time.
Remember the God of wonder is here.
The wind speaks of openness, inspiration, strength, and surprise.

Embrace the love,
welcome it, sit with it, and let it be.
The real miracles come from your heart.
Remember the God of delight is here.
The trees speak of vision, perspective, strength, and sustenance.

Embrace the day,
welcome its possibilities.

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