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Endless Thread

A Sent Email Poem for Poetry Day

Did you really just send me that video?
Was it meant for your other wife or something?
I watched a minute of it and I’m all stressed out for so many reasons.
Completely peeled or leave the tails?
Am I a bad person if I’m debating g&t vs champagne vs wine at 4 pm?
Was she nice?
Wow, look at you! All filled with promise!
Tzatziki’s on, I’m off to the farm.
Will you be my mashed potato guru? I never make them.
Get me started and will you finish? I’m talking about mashed potatoes.
I did notice that you saved some for me and I appreciate it, but I’d love 
to know what ‘hand and half’ is — I think.
Getting shit on? Does it mean something I’m not grasping?
Yellow. Definitely.
I hope abandoning gradual change doesn’t mean messy digestive issues.
omg the colors!
So I’m right, there’s some sort of effort in this discourse?
It’s pet food, for the love of pete, say what you think!
I ordered thighs and cheese.
Yes, I know. I’m lazy.
I’m fairly sure that I did not give you any meat.
Love you, even if you are consistently disappointed.
Promise? Needs work? Sheesh.
How’s the toe?
Mine’s been aglow.
I miss you.
Fold up your tents early today?
Mango — not asking about the sauce.
Come home.
I’m getting in the shower.
Orzo with roasted garlic, salad with cukes, and chicken with a simple sauce that will be good on orzo.
We have cold wine, two episodes of The Affair and a daughter 
with many questions.
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Have you fallen out of love with me?
Are you mad?
Are you in a meeting?
Are you so busy?
No, I’m not tucked in, and I am working, and I hate dance.
Why are you hectoring me?
Fricassee to you too!
What is that even?
Is there something you would like me to do with this chicken? 
Please be very, very specific if there is.
Two words — Croque Monsieur.
Beer floats my boat.
Call me when you change your mind.
There is absolutely no truth to these vicious rumors.
You are a very good person.

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