Engineered Woman

Why are you so angry,
so bitter, so jaded, so full
of spite, and division?
Were you always 
so quick to lose your cool,
or were you engineered this way?

You used to write with eloquence,
with passion, warmth, and love.
But now you simply
swear and cuss, 
pretend to be tough,
though we can all see through you.

You used to inspire me, 
empower us.
But now you divide and blame,
bitterness abounds,
lots of fuss
about nothing.

You used to smile, 
your hair was sweet
and your eyes lit up.
But now you’re always frowning, 
you look so beat.
You’ve lost that beautiful shine
that drew me toward you.

Your new persona 
reeks of war.
No-one can ever say
anything to you
any more,
without your defences
lighting up.

You’ve been hoodwinked
but you can’t see it.
You’ve fallen apart,
adopted ideals,
but you can’t quit
now — even if you want to.

Who would you be
if you weren’t a victim?
Who would you hate 
if you weren’t chopped into parts, 
the you and the him?
You’d be so lonely.

But you are already,
All you have are your 
angry sisters, weakened brothers,
your ideologues, 
and those that you tore
apart with your postmodern thinking.

You think you are rising,
empowering, and wild.
But all that I see is 
a victim, a deeply 
wounded child.
Screeching for attention and love.

One day you will find it,
you’ll discover you were
never hunted, or haunted
or tormented by others.
But by her.
But by you.

I hope you’re able
to find your peace again.
To open your heart and 
let all the love in.
Maybe then your pen
Will once again flow 
And your face will glow
Like it used to.

— Joy and Resilience FB || INSTA