It is simple

To cross paths with her essence

An undoubted blessing

A lesson in silent strength

She is the quiet type


Harnessing a fight response

For times where others take flight

A warrior goddess in commoner’s garb

Glowing in cinnamon-skinned independence

Stone-headed and assertive

And lovely

She is loosed from the bounds of restriction

Full woman and wild within her poise

Minimalistic and maternal

And paternal

And profound

Pronounced Elder from warring through existence

Because just living as




Isn’t often allowed


Marionette lines manage to define the width of her smile

Crow’s feet create spaces for her worry to rest in ¬-

The overflow from her furrowed brow

With cheekbones pocked with beauty marks

The space in her teeth an inheritance I wear proudly

She is not anything… sparingly

Weathered and tested true

Ticking through the latter years

With a right corner mouth twitch

And lip quiver twosome

I cannot deny

She is surface level cool

Graceful despite damaged equilibrium

And having been stretched

Tugged and demanded

A giving spirit with healing hands

Making only the soft-spoken commands to

Use imagination

Try and try again

Always be kind

Find a way even when it seems there isn’t one

She is support and encouragement defined

She is victory over struggle

Dirty gardening hands

Light make-up for church on Sunday

Breathing proof of love

A testament of what it means to spur onward

And today is for her

Today is hers.

— e n i g m a

#NaPoMo #NaPoWriMo #30in30 #Day26 #Angels #Birthday

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