Eye Candy Cavities

aleksandra85foto Creative Commons

“She’s so sexy”,
Well what do you mean?
The physical body,
That which is seen?

“He’s so hot”
Does it matter a lot?
Eighty-year charms don’t last
Do they not?

Through our youth we all grow old
How sweet will eye-candy taste,
When the universe goes cold?

As we live we all shall but die
Whether “beautiful” or not
In the heart of heaven’s eye

Be wary of the mirror,
It lies to your face!
Time is lord of this realm
Seeking only to erase

Be mindful of the candy on which you chew!
Will you seek with your eyes,
Or put love before you?

Don’t be fake!
Remember what’s inside;
A pretty face does not an angel make

Don’t be fooled!
Things here are never to last;
Bury your treasures instead in love,
Hold tight and hold fast

Never gamble your love to rot away;
Be sure to brush your hearts clean…

…Or the cavities might stay