image by marysse93 from pixabay

Falling Again

Your lips taste like blue berry 
Precious kisses like a red cherry 
She calls me her baby 
I call her ma chérie

Pretty young thing looks so sexy 
Black Madonna rare as a Bentley 
I wanna hold you so gently 
Together we will love eternally

guy my boy❤
I know I got you✅✅
Lord please save him for me💗
do this one favor I plead 
I’d waste away without you💔 are a home and an adventure at the same time..😘😘
Sugar, spice and everything nice 
You are more than I ever want 
More than I could deserve

The world was built for two 
Heaven is anywhere on earth with you

Kiss me in the raindrops 
Let's make love under the star watch

Then I saw your face 
You said my name 
And for the second time in life 
I was falling again
Sometimes the stars align
Sometimes dreams come alive
Sometimes karma is on our side
Sometimes great souls find each other 
In this lifetime, I found mine ?

Boo, it's you
It's you I dream of 
Dreams of a better tomorrow 
Better tomorrow with you 
With you by my side

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