Father Time: Resolution Absolution



Father Time here.
Been watching you,
since the beginning,
of me, then you.

Why is it that,
every year,
every 365 days,
every 8,760 hours,
every 525,600 minutes,
and every 31,536,000 seconds,
you make a promise,
that’s so hard to keep?

You promise in the new year,
what about the past year?
Why are you wasting me?
For guilt and shame?

I wait for no one,
I am endless,
but you are not,
and I’ll Keep going,
when you run out of me.

So, for the sake of me,
with the me you have left,
I grant you,
Resolution absolution…

Remember, I am on your side!


Patsy, January 1, 2018

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